Mentoring proven to drive value for newcomers and the Toronto Region
The Mentoring Partnership, a program that pairs skilled immigrants with established professionals in their field as mentors, has been proven to drive value for both newcomers and broader society in the Toronto Region…[READ MORE]


The Mentoring Partnership announces plans to grow, celebrates changing thousands of lives for the better
The Mentoring Partnership announces development plan through an investment by LEAP: The Centre for Social Impact, bringing transformative hands-on support over five years at its Annual Recognition Reception [READ MORE]


SNAP chosen as inaugural partner for the Pecaut Centre for Social Impact
Groundbreaking partnership to aid children’s mental health across Canada [READ MORE]


Knelman: Pecaut Centre for social innovation to open in Toronto
Toronto Star
Helen Burstyn has announced plans to open a centre honouring her late husband, Luminato creator David Pecaut. [READ MORE]


Social enterprise centre to be created in honour of David Pecaut
The Globe and Mail
Social enterprise can be defined as entrepreneurship that pays a dividend to society, either by tackling problems – the Task Force on Modernizing Income Security for Working-Age Adults that Mr. Pecaut co-founded looked at flaws in the assistance to people with low incomes – or by building on strengths, as in the case of Luminato. [READ MORE]

Pecaut’s vision for getting things done 
Toronto Star
“The best mayor Toronto never had” brought the private and public spheres together [READ MORE]


Social innovation expert Helen Burstyn appointed distinguished visiting professor
Ryerson Today
Special advisor to Ontario government to provide leadership and mentorship to zone-learning students [READ MORE]


Investing in the people others ignore
The Globe and Mail
It started with a contest. In 2001, Bill Young had 20 years experience in business and a windfall to invest. He wanted to fund a social enterprise, a start-up that would turn a profit, but also create quality employment opportunities for people who face barriers getting into the work force…[READ MORE]


When the kids call, this exec makes time for them
The Globe and Mail
Samuel Duboc, a high-profile Bay Street financier, has given his assistant clear instructions on what to do when a young person from the inner-city neighbourhood of Regent Park calls his office. [READ MORE]