In addition to our Board of Directors, we work with a group of accomplished experts from a wide range of sectors and industries. Our advisors play a critical leadership role in our venture philanthropy work by helping identify high-potential organizations, supporting engagement with organizations in the portfolio, and steering larger strategic objectives for Centre.

“With the organizations that LEAP takes on there’s so much opportunity to help them scale up and have a social impact. LEAP projects allow lawyers at McCarthy Tétrault to work on things that have a potential impact on thousands and thousands of people.”—Gordon Baird, Partner, McCarthy Tétrault

"LEAP is about scaling already successful social enterprises thereby creating massive positive impact on our communities and country."—Sam Duboc, CEO, Elkland Capital

“David’s life was all about leveraging talent and great ideas to make positive change happen—in business and in society. He knew that sometimes the kernel of an idea or the small success can have so much more impact with a boost of resources, visibility and strategy. The world needs more of David’s powerful formula and that is what LEAP is doing.”

"I am honored to support this unique model of bringing industry expertise, knowledge, and smart money to organizations that are positioned to drive massive social change."—Howard Grosfield, Executive Vice President, Consumer Marketing and Operations, American Express

“What keeps me involved with LEAP is that continued strive to be impactful, to find organizations that can have an impact that we can measure, that can benefit from all the resources, and try to get as much benefit from those resources as possible.”—Philip Moore, SVP & Deputy Counsel, TD

"We are excited to have the opportunity to pioneer the Venture Philanthropy model in Canada, an approach that has proven transformational across the globe."—Nicholas Offord, Founder & President, The Offord Group

“This unique effort is set to bring Canadian entrepreneurs together in a way they never have been before—and that’s something I’m proud to stand behind.”—Eric Rawlinson, Managing Director GTA, EY Canada

"Not enough great Canadian charities are actually pan-Canadian. LEAP offers the hope of helping people coast to coast to coast."—Andrew Steele, Vice President, StrategyCorp

“BCG partners with LEAP on a variety of different topics…very much like a VC model, we are bringing the best of our consultants to help on a really critical social issue, sticking with it over the long term and being part of the solution to ensure that we get the biggest bang for the time and effort put against it.”—Craig Hapelt, Partner & Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

"LEAP works with passionate and talented investee partners whose primary purpose is to solve important social problems. The staunch commitment to forming a broad coalition of stakeholders with complementary perspectives and common goals, and the power that this unleashes, is the essence of David Pecaut’s wonderful legacy."—Stephen Lieff, Investor

“Having worked closely with players across the social sector, I can say with confidence that LEAP brings a differentiated contribution. By identifying promising organizations, connecting them with leading professionals and deploying their own capabilities, they help scale impact. The results speak for themselves.”—Vinay Shandal, Principal, The Boston Consulting Group

“At EY, we’re committed to doing our part in building a better working world, a purpose that LEAP lives every day. I’m thrilled to support such an impactful organization that’s creating such a meaningful philanthropic legacy. It’s an enormous pleasure working with the portfolio companies and the LEAP team.”—Damian Eleftheriou, Partner, EY Canada