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Google Impact Challenge

LEAP has partnered with Google to launch the Google.org Impact Challenge in Canada


Venture philanthropy

We apply the discipline of private equity investing to select,
support and scale charities with quantifiable social impact


A new model

We are pioneering a new model that teams up high-potential charities with forward-thinking investors and private sector expertise to create measurable and sustainable benefits to society


Connecting a diverse network

We, our board, advisors and sector partners, The Boston Consulting Group, EY, McCarthy Tétrault, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Perennial and The Offord Group, deliver transformative hands-on support to scale impact across Canada


Quantifying impact

In partnership with BCG, we quantify impact through a rigorous Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis


Inaugural investment

SNAP is a proven program that teaches children with behavioural problems and their parents how to make better choices ‘in the moment’


We at the Boston Consulting Group are very passionate about bringing our core skills and client-enhancing capabilities to the social sector, in all its forms.

Kilian BerzSenior Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

LEAP is about scaling already successful social enterprises thereby creating massive positive impact on our communities and country.

Sam DubocCEO, Elkland Capital

LEAP is an amplifier; taking accountability to identify social entrepreneurs and organizations with remarkable ideas, and actively collaborating with them to imagine a future that magnifies the scale and scope of measurable impact through knowledge, devotion and disciplined execution. The combination of enabling social good and expanding a nation’s productivity is a real privilege.

Ashim KhemaniCEO, Stem Capital

LEAP is our engine for taking wonderful organizations like SNAP and expanding them across the country. By enabling great social entrepreneurs with our thinking and approach we are having real impact. It’s a privilege to be a founder.

Joe MangetPartner, Alignvest

For a variety of structural reasons it is much more difficult for a social entrepreneur with a breakthrough idea to scale their organization than it is for a conventional entrepreneur. LEAP is tackling those challenges with a new model that will enable some of Canada’s most promising social innovations to scale, flourish, and have breakthrough impact. I am excited to be part of this journey.

Bill YoungFounder & President, Social Capital Partners

We are excited to have the opportunity to pioneer the Venture Philanthropy model in Canada, an approach that has proven transformational across the globe.

Nicholas OffordFounder & President, The Offord Group

This unique effort is set to bring Canadian entrepreneurs together in a way they never have been before – and that’s something I’m proud to stand behind.

Eric RawlinsonManaging Partner Greater Toronto Area, EY

The Centre combines high-potential charities that have great social return on investment, with forward-thinking funders and market leading professionals, to create massive social impact in Canada and amplify the benefits across more recipients.

Andrew BergstromE.V.P., Managing Director, Cossette
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Business Professionals Mobilized
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Impact-Based Philanthropy

A report by: Kilian Berz, Peter Dawe, Andrew Steele, James Tucker  “Most charitable donors are in the dark when it comes to knowing whether they are getting a “social return” on their investments…”


Inaugural investment: SNAP

SNAP is a proven program that teaches children with behavioural problems and their parents how to make better choices ‘in the moment.’  Learn more about our engagement with SNAP by clicking below.


Investing in The Mentoring Partnership

The Mentoring Partnership (TMP) coordinates mentoring for skilled immigrants to support their integration into the Canadian labour market and improve employment outcomes.


Partner with us to achieve massive social impact


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